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My favorite diabetes tracker app for Android

diabetes tracker app, diabetes logbook app, diabetes android app

Best Android Diabetes Tracker App I recently found out that I have diabetes.  Since my diagnosis, I’ve struggled to find ways to manage my diabetes conveniently and effectively.  It’s not always easy, because the most difficult part of diabetes management is forming new habits.  I have to remember to check my blood glucose levels every […]

You might be a Texan if… {you fear the javelina}


Ok, let’s make this a new series on Bicultural Mom.  In honor of my Tejano hubby. Check out this more than freaky noise that will make any Texan do a double take. Early Spanish explorers, in their ventures into the “New World,” encountered a pig-like animal similar in appearance to the swine of the “Old World.” They […]

Getting Fit with Britax Gear #NewYearConBritax

Britax Winter Travels, New Year Resoultions

This post is sponsored by BRITAX.  As a Britax Latina Advisory Board member, I share family adventures and safety tips.  All opinions and stories are my own. New Year’s Resolutions & Getting Fit So, this year is hopefully the big year.  You know, that one where you finally get into your fitness resolutions and actually commit to them. […]

Cheerios’ Family Breakfast Project {LOVE}


Ok, so maybe you’ve seen this already, but I couldn’t help but share. THIS is exactly what people need to SEE when it comes to interracial families. WE’RE JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE…NO REALLY.  There are far more similarities between us than differences.  ♥ I absolutely love that Cheerios is investing in mixed race families and […]

Saddleback “How to Knock Off a Bag” Video Makes Light of Offensive Mexican Stereotypes

How to Knock Off a Bag

In case you missed it, Saddleback & Co. recently released a wonderfully “clever”, not-quite viral, video about how to “knock off” one of their bags.    But not through their carefully vetted, gourmet leather crafting process.  No.  Instead, they’ll teach you how to re-create one of their bags through a series of “cheap” and “lazy” alternatives […]

Five Terms You Might Not Know Are Considered Racist

Photo: Vectorportal

By Nadra Kareem Nittle “The American lexicon is filled with slang, but some colloquialisms are best avoided by anyone with a modicum of racial sensitivity. Not only are they frowned upon, they’re also considered racially offensive. Take, for example, the expression “honest injun.” In January 2010, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele used the colloquialism to […]