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Bueno, estoy un poco tarde, pero aquí está mi blog en español.  Hoy, recibí varios libros de Amazon porque decidí que voy a leer de nuevo.  Es algo que no he hecho mucho desde que nació mi hija, pero es tan importante para mí y lo siento que no he leído mucho desde su nacimiento.  Hoy, tengo cuatros libros increíbles que he querido leer desde hace tres años!  Hay “Cuando Era Puertorriqueña”, “De Como Las Muchachas García Perdieron el Acento”, “Trece Sentidos” y “América Detrás de La Línea de Color”.  Estoy muy empasionada de leer todos y recientemente se convirtió en miembro de Goodreads en línea para compartir mis pensamientos sobre estas historias.


En este momento, también estoy releyendo “Lluvia de Oro” y “Burro Genius” por Victor Villaseñor.  Los dos son unos de mis libros favoritos. Pero, al lado creo que voy a leer “Cuando Era Puertorriqueña”.  ¿Y tú? Cualquier libros favoritos que estás esperando para leer?




Ok, so I’m a little late, but here is my post in Spanish.  Today, I received some books from Amazon because I’ve decided to start reading again.  It’s something I’ve hardly done at all since my daughter was born.  It’s something I love and so I’ve missed reading a lot since having my daughter.  I got four amazing books in the mail today!  There are “When I Was Puerto Rican”, “How the García Girls Lost Their Accents”, Thirteen Senses” and “America Behind the Color Line”.  I’m so excited to read all of these books and I recently joined Goodreads online so that I could share my thoughts about the new books I’m reading.


Right now, I’m also re-reading Victor Villaseñor’s “Rain of Gold” and “Burro Genius”, two of my favorite books.  But, I think next I’ll read “When I Was Puerto Rican”.  What about you?  Are there any favorite books that you’ve been waiting to read?




  1. Anonymous says

    Gracias a ti y a Tracy, ya tengo una buena lista de libros en español que quiero leer.

    Mi libro favorito en español es "Como Agua Para Chocolate" de Laura Esquivel. Lo he leido como unas 10 o 12 veces. Lo has leido?

    Antes de que se me olvide, te felicito por tu post en español. Muy bien, amiga! :)

  2. says

    @Leslie, yo vi la pelicula….LOL does that count? Me encantaba la pelicula. Imagino que el libro esta mejor! Siempre los libros esten mejor =)

    @BiCultural Mom, Great post! Solomente tengo 4 libros en espanol y todos son para mi hijo. Necesito comprar mas libros para que el papa le lee.

  3. says

    Chantilly, tengo ”Lluvia de Oro,” y ”Trece Sentidos," pero toda via no los he leido. "Burro Genius” es uno des mis libros mas favoritos. Okay, I have to switch to English, here. "Read" is, like, a super irregular verb!

    I read "Burro Genius" and all I could think about was my little boy. Are you reading these in Spanish? I know that reading in Spanish is the only way to really build a vocabulary, but I find it so frustrating when I have to look up every other word. I need to just "do it." Any recommendations for books in Spanish that wouldn't be too difficult?

    Tengo tantos libros quiero leer. A mi me paso la misma cosa que a ti. I took a sad six year break from reading after my son was born. I simply didn't have the energy.

    I have a few others in my TBR pile written by or about Latinos:

    BROWN by Richard Rodriguez
    VIDA by Patricia Engel
    FRIDA by Barbara Mujica
    DREAMING IN CUBAN by Cristina Garcia

    And IN THE TIME OF THE BUTTERFLIES by Julia Alvarez (love her! : )

    Great post.

    Your Spanish rocks. And thank you for nudging me, Amiga. Se lo agradezco.

    • says

      Ezzy, it is super frustrating to read in Spanish when you're still learning. Only one of the books is in Spanish, Cuando Era Puertorriqueña. I don't think I could read them all! Not yet anyway! I love bilingual novels, but they are difficult to find. Check out this link… http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_nr_n_3?rh=

      I'm planning to get some bilingual books next. Basically, when you open the book it shows each of the two pages, one is English, one in Spanish. No looking up required!!! I think this is the best way to learn and I'm glad you reminded me of them so that I can get some! I might have to save this Spanish book for later! ;)

      Thank you for the list! I will check those out too! I almost got "Dreaming in Cuban!" =)

      Thank you amiga! It's scary and I really appreciate the support!!! =)!!!!!!

      • says

        Seriously. I never knew bilingual books even existed for adults. Now there's seriously no excuse not to learn! I've seen books here and there for children, but never for grown-ups. You'll have to share how your reading of CUANDO ERA PUERTORRIQUEÑA goes. Do you read magazines and newspapers in Spanish, too? When I was younger, I used to read the ones my father had in his barber shop. What's funny is that I taught myself to read Spanish as a kid by reading Mexican comic books. ; )

        Checking that Amazon link! Keep going! Your Spanish is great.

        • says

          Thank you. I did read newspapers, magazines and books in Spanish during college. Since having my daughter, everything has pretty much gotten pushed to the side, so these Spanish posts are my first attempt to rekindle my Spanish learning. I'm so glad that you reminded me of the bilingual books and yes, they are hard to find, but so helpful for learning Spanish when you can find them! Love them! =)

    • says

      I know what you mean about not reading. Before my daughter was born, I HAD to read tons for college, then I just didn't want to read anymore for a while…finally this past year I have slowly found the TIME to read…lol. Having a toddler and hubby is a lot of work, but I need some me time too and that's what this blog and reading again have been for me. A breath of fresh air! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. says

    My list is gigantic, too long to write down, jajaja!!! I read When I was Puerto Rican many years ago, but I really, really liked it. I actually got to hear Esmeralda Santiago at a conference a few years ago, and I've pretty much read the majority of her books. Love her writing, but I read it in English as I prefer to read books in the original language in which they were written (whenever possible).

    I'm also on Goodreads, but I haven't logged on in ages. Now I have a reason to go back in. I'll add you as a friend!

    Whenever I travel back home to Peru, I always make sure to go to the bookstore and stock up on books in Spanish hard to find here even in Amazon. Unfortunately, most of them just sit on my night table staring at me every night. One day, though…

    BTW, tu español es muy bueno. Lo mejor que puedes hacer es seguir practicándolo.

    • says

      Roxana, thanks for your comment! I've heard great things about the book, When I was Puerto Rican and I can't wait to read it. I'm really glad to hear that you are on Goodreads! It will be fun to catch up on there. :)

      I hear you on the Spanish books! It has improved quite a bit over the last few years, but books in Spanish can still be hard to track down if they're not on any best sellers lists.

      MUCHISMAS GRACIAS for the comments on my Spanish!!! I love the encouragement! =) Looking forward to talking more soon! ;)

  5. says

    I've read "De como las hermanas muchachas Garcia perdieron su acento" esta bueno ;-)
    This is a really cool idea. This Spanish Fridays. I think I might try it! ;-)

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