How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page or Group

Adding an admin can be an excellent method for lightening your work load by asking a friend, colleague, employee or social media professional to run or help manage your page or group.  As a precaution, be sure that you know and trust anyone you add as an admin, since they will have full control of your page or group.  It’s definitely a decision to make with some consideration of the risks involved.  For those ready to take the leap though, you can add new admins to your Facebook Page or Group with three simple steps!  Here’s how…


Step 1.  On your FB page, under the page title, click “Edit Info”


Step 2.  In the left sidebar, click “Manage Admins”


Step 3.  Type in a name and hit “Save Changes”


For a Facebook group, adding an admin is a bit different, but it’s very easy once you know how.  :)

Step 1.  Add the individual that you want as admin to the group.


Step 2. After you’ve add your friend, click “See All” to view a list of current members.


Step 3. Scroll down through the list of members and find the name of the individual that you want to select as admin, Click “Make Admin”.





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    I would highly recommend EVERYONE who has a group or a page to add someone they trust as an admin.  If you lose your Facebook account (and trust me…they can shut you down for no reason at all…speaking from experience) you lose your pages, groups, photos, EVERYTHING!  I have since rebuilt mine and have asked my mom to be an admin on my pages and such.  

    Please…add one or two…don't take the risk of losing everything.


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