Blog Conference Prep: Dressing Up Your Blog

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The day is nearing and if you haven’t started planning yet, now is the time.  Blogalicious is just around the corner and if this is your first conference, you’ll need to do some research to prepare and get the most out of your experience.  I’ve been doing a bit of research myself and I’m happy to share with you.  This is part one in a three part series about blog conference prep.  Enjoy!  :)

Dressing up Your Blog

It’s important to remember that while you’re at the conference, your blog will likely be receiving traffic from conference goers and regular readers, so planning ahead is a must.  It’s important to have current, interesting and focused content up for brands, fellow bloggers and other visitors who will be checking out your site while you’re away.

  • Current: Write and schedule postsFacebook and Twitter updates ahead of time that will publish while you’re in attendance at the conference.  It makes the statement that you put your audience first and don’t let other obligations stand in your way.  It also helps your recent contacts to see that you are professional and your blog is a priority.
  • Interesting: Be sure to include some of your best work.  Don’t rush your posts or put less than ideal content up on your blog to keep the posts flowing.  Make sure you add some great quality posts that really showcase your talents and let others know that you value their time as readers and that your main goal is to provide them with useful content.
  • Focused: Decide what statement you want to make about your blog to those who will be viewing it during and shortly after the conference.  Be sure to put up content that demonstrates your mission, goals, objectives, etc. and showcases the topics that you want brands and networking contacts to see.


*Tip: You can also use these ideas to freshen up your pages and other blog content.

What are some other important tips that you would offer to fellow bloggers?  How do you get your blog ready for presentation? 




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