Another Black Youth Killed by NYPD

black teen shot and killed by nypd

Image: Flickr / jtl308


This is the third story this week of a young black male being killed by NYPD.  Not injured…KILLED.   It seems there isn’t enough uproar about the issue and I’m afraid that a lot of our ignoring the issue comes from the normalizing of black youth, and black folks in general, as criminals and delinquents in our society.  The sad thing is that things aren’t changing.  We know it’s happening, but how do we stop it when the majority of Americans don’t care about Black Americans?

We don’t care about the extremely high numbers of Black Americans in prisons, we don’t care about those who are black & missing, we don’t care about whether or not a crime is “alleged” if there is a black face attached…we just assume guilty.

There were many reports of murders of black males and mistreatment by police over the last year, but do we remember them?  Are we fighting to change the system?  Are we taking a stand and saying something out loud or calling the police departments and government officials when we hear the reports?

I probably won’t have to remind some of you about the brutal beating of Chad Holley by Houston police last year or the 15 year old girl in Florida who was arrested, punched in the face and pepper sprayed in 2009 by an officer for being out after curfew.

Not to mention, how little coverage was given about the brutal murder of James Craig Anderson by a group of white teens, which for the longest time went unheard, despite the horrific video footage of his murder or the execution of Troy Davis, who officials weren’t even sure was guilty.

There are many, many, many more cases…too numerous to report here, but the point is…we need to wake up and realize that it’s happening and stand up against it together, whether or not we’re black.

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