Education vs Incarceration {Infographic}

Education vs Incarceration infographic

Education vs Incarceration {Infographic}

One of the biggest problems facing society today. We value punishment more than education and fail to see the importance of education as a major influence in an individual’s lifetime contribution to this nation.  We are driving our economy right into the ground and refusing to acknowledge that basic human rights are being withheld.


Image by jasonkillinger. Browse more data visualizations.



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    Chantilly, I am so glad you posted this. I saw it on Pinterest when @getgln shared it and I think it is so important to make sure a lot of people see it. I don't think many people know how severely things have shifted in recent years and this visual helps put it in perspective.

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      Thanks Jen. I love infographics and I really wish that we had more on these topics. This was a great find. I've thought about recruiting a graphics creator to help me make a few of these related to the race topic, because they are so enlightening. I will definitely keep my eyes open for more. Please feel free to share!


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