My First 10 Blog Posts Ever!

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My First 10 Blog Posts Ever

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about why I started this blog.  What were my goals then?  Are they still the same now?  How can I create reachable steps to help me succeed in my goals?

When I started blogging, I really just wanted to have a voice and help others with any knowledge I could offer.  Most of my early posts were either vents or tips that I thought could help families like ours.

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Here are my first 10 posts ever written:

These are all written before I even knew what blogging was and I’m so proud because I think they’re ALL useful posts.  The funny thing is too…many of these are STILL my most popular posts.

In case you’re interested in a little flashback, here are some screenshots of the original Bicultural Mom blog.

Photo above: Mija earlier this summer at age four, holding our Valentine’s portrait taken while Ricardo and I were dating back in 2003.



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