What is this blog about?

Bicultural Mom™ is one mom’s expressions on race, culture and family.  Multicultural Lifestyle · Interracial Families · Mexican American culture · Feminism · Progressive Parenting.

Bicultural Mom™ evolved out of my need to express my feelings about race, culture and my own interracial relationship…kind of by accident.  As many know, your family and friends can often the most expressive about your personal choices, and likely won’t see your mixed relationships as off limits. Sometimes that can create a situation that leaves you feeling isolated and dismissed.

After struggling for years with the hangups of both our families, I felt that I needed a space where my voice could be heard.  Bicultural Mom™ is that place where I am heard. It’s my online support group and my own creative corner where I do some of my most important thinking about life. Some days I’m getting deep into social politics and others I’m just having fun and sharing about the things that interest me or what our family has been up to.  I hope you’ll join us on this journey and share your own stories with us.

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What is a ‘bicultural’ mom?

For me, a bicultural mom is a woman who raises her family simultaneously within two cultures, with one foot on each side of the border.  A bicultural mom juggles languages, cultures, in-laws, and wages battles against societal pressures to assimilate.  We’re strong, dynamic women, with multifaceted family lives and creative spirits!

Who am I (Chantilly Patiño)?

What is this blog about?  I’m a woman, wife, mother and a wannabe lifetime student.  I love reading lit, non-fiction and watching educational television, like documentaries.  I’m also a bit of a science nerd…especially earth sciences and exploring the unknown (nazca lines, tenochtitlán, etc.).

I’m into history, culture, language, travel and all things that define personal and cultural identity. I’m a former Sociology / Cultural Anthropology / Spanish student, a bit of a perfectionist and an artist at heart.

I’m a white mom in an interracial relationship, raising a Latina daughter. I’m a woman who grew up in a big family and married a man from a little family.  I grew up being the strong one and he grew up knowing he was the baby. I’ve been called the “tomboy” and the “prude” and I don’t let people’s labels define me or my place in this world as a woman and mother.  I’m a feminist mom and a working mom, and no, I don’t think the two are a conflict.  I don’t submit to the mommy wars because I think we all have our own way of doing things and that each woman’s choices should be respected.

In short, I’m Chantilly…I’m a ‘bicultural’ mom who loves writing and analyzing social ‘norms’.  I blog honestly about racism, feminism and a variety of social issues that affect modern families, and I also like to blog about what’s happening in our life from day-to-day. Join me as I explore identity and race through the lens of the modern family via topics like interracial relationships, multiracial parenting and more.  Read more about me by visiting the “mi vida” tag.

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