Our Wedding Story in Pictures


Just six summers ago, my husband and I got married.  We had been dating for about two and a half years and engaged for another two and a half years before we finally tied the knot. Some people think we waited too long, other think we didn’t wait long enough, but we personally think we […]

The Wrath of La Cuñada

>The Wrath of La Cuñada

What could be worse than taking on your mother-in-law?  The dreaded sister-in-law. It may have been obvious to some, but I was completely unaware that a sister-in-law could bring so much grief and make me feel like such an outsider.  It started off well, but things turned bad quickly and I am still left with […]

Endearing Tales of Unlikely Romance

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Seeking ‘Perfection’ Often times, we find ourselves imagining the perfect kiss, the perfect date or the perfect relationship.  We make all the plans in our minds, prep ourselves to receive them, but often these dream scenarios never come to life and we are left feeling disappointed and wondering what went wrong.  Why?  Because romance, by […]