ZipList: Ultimate App for Recipe Lovers & Food Bloggers


 Image: ZipList: Ultimate App for Recipe Lovers & Food Bloggers I recently had the pleasure of doing a blog design makeover for a friend, fellow blogger and die hard foodie, Vianney of Sweet Life.  While researching recipe plugins, I fell in love with this amazing app that seems to DO. IT. ALL. If you […]

Racist Note from McDonalds?


Racist Note from McDonalds? Well, by now, most of us have seen this crazy TwitPic that made us all do a double-take.  What!?  Is McDonald’s really telling it’s employees to charge customers additional fees for being black!? Something about this image just seemed a little strange though, and while it could very well have been […]

What’s a Hashtag?

Twitter Chats

A hashtag is essentially a key word or phrase accompanied by the hash (pound) symbol.  Bloggers, Twits, CEOs and regular folks use hashtags to make their tweets searchable for all of Twitter.  For example, think of some keywords you’d like to search…how about “moms”, “blogging” or “latina”.  You can enter these terms into the search […]